Property Management

Vacant Property Management

Our vacant property management service is just as popular for the overseas investors and clients who prefer to keep the property vacant and to use for themselves when they are in the country.

Regular visits to the property to make sure its kept secure.

Cleaning schedule to make sure property is kept clean.

Existing clients have particular requirements which we can cater for.

Tenanted Property Management

We may take longer to rent your property out than a normal high street agent. This is probably best for both the landlord and the agent! Although there is no guarantee that the tenant will be perfect. Our vetting service ensures that we eliminate the possibility of any problem tenants.

We are not here just to do our job but to create a relationship with both property owners and tenants. We believe this is a two way relationship and both sides need to their part.



We can assist with most property related matters including

§  Minor and major redecoration works and overseeing refurbishments.

§  Advising on deductions from the deposit and managing the check out procedure.

§  Electrical & Gas installations and maintenance.

§  Ensuring compliance with all safety regulations i.e. Gas Safety Certificates, Portable Appliance Testing / Electrical Safety Regulations, Fire and Furnishing Regulations.

§  General property maintenance.

§  Cleaning and repair works.

§  Key holding service.

§  Transfer of utilities.

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