Looking for Your Next Investment Property? Get Your Rental Flat with Guaranteed Rental Yield of 7%. Already tenanted with a 10-25 year Fixed Contract - Guaranteed Rental Income and NO Void Periods through Local Government. Find Your Next Investment Now!

Our Philosophy

For The past 11 years we’ve helped private clients and funds build balanced portfolios with residential property investments that focus on short-term income generation and long-term and evergreen value creation.

In the past Far Eastern property investors have centred their attention on London and surrounding areas. In 2022 and already this year we’ve helped our investors in a dramatic rush to purchase residential property in the North of England.

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Why Property Investment In The North of England?

Domestic property markets in major Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have plateaued due to oversupply, leading to gross rental yields of just 3%. With our residential property investments in Liverpool, Manchester, Blackburn, Bolton and Preston you can expect guaranteed rental yields of 7%.

These Properties are already tenanted with 7 - 10 year fixed contracts with guaranteed rental income and no void periods through local government.

The potential growth of sterling in the future is an added attraction for Chinese investors, as you’re allowed to move US $50,000 (£32,200) out of the country each year.

You can leverage this property, up to 4 times its value, to acquire more property.

Our investment opportunities start as low as £250,000 all the way up to entire blocks of fully managed properties.

Nb. As the landlord, you are only responsible for yearly insurance, yearly gas safety certification @£60 per annum, and any potential structural issues arise.

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